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Stormy Skies

Below are pictures and comments from members of the Bydandacres Family  (if you have a Bydandacres puppy and would like to see him/her included in this Gallery, e-mail us a picture with your comments about your special friend)

'Floyd' Rutherford

Hi Bob & Patti

Floyd is a great guy.  He weighs 78 Ib's and has very long legs, he is a very big boy.  Unbelievable swimmer, just goes for a swim on his own with no encouragement and he loves snow (what little we've had this year).  I think he is very intelligent. We get regular comments about what a beautiful dog he is. The picture was taken last summer at the top of our property near the newly constructed stairway over looking the cottage and lake; he had just got out from a swim




'Maggie' Mooney

Hi Patti,

I wanted to let you know that Maggie made her first Therapy Dog visit today.   We will be going into Rubidge Hall once a week.    She was very well-behaved and the people loved her.   They all commented on what a beautiful, gentle dog she is, calm for her age

A little tidbit I wanted to pass along.  Maggie and I visit at Rubidge Hall every Friday morning.   We met a fellow in there who was visiting his mother.   He has two of your dogs, one named Murphy I think.     We figured out how his dogs and Maggie were related - fun!    Also, I gave out your website twice yesterday, younger people that were visiting in there that are interested in Goldies and of course thought Miss Maggie was beautiful.     If you want I can put a little sandwich board on her when we do our visiting!

Take Care




'Rookie' Angione

Hi Patti,

 Rookie is amazing! I just took him to the vet today for his second booster. She said he is doing just awesome.  We have had no problems.  He's climbing up and down the stairs, just learned to go down them for the first time 2 days ago!... Its amazing to watch him grow.  I take him on 5 walks everyday, he walks perfect!  He caught on so fast to go to the door when he wants out -  it was actually quite amazing how fast he learned that.  He's so beautiful; I absolutely love him. Thanks for everything! Talk to you soon, I hope your having a great summer!    




'Cassie' McCabe

Hi Patti
 Everyone who meets her comments on what a beautiful dog Cassie is, and what a lovely temperament she has. She's a smart cookie, and learns new things very quickly. I took her to the lake today for the first time and was delighted that she had so much fun. She watched for a while first then started playing and running at the waves. She waded into the water at one point then started swimming on her own.



'Meka' Legros

Hi folks,
Thought you might like to see a recent picture of our little angel. She is the most wonderful dog in the world. She is loved by everyone who meets her. In fact the  groomer call's her Princess Meka.
Hope all is well with you guys and maybe we'll come out for a visit this summer?
Carol and D'Arcy



'Hudson' McLeod

Hudson is a real beauty.  One of the best looking goldens I've ever seen, but of course I'm biased!!! Take care and hope you are well. 
All the best from Lisa MacLeod and family

(Hudson on the left, his friend Jake on the right)


'Hudson Hamilton' Thomson

Hi Patti,


Thought you might like to see a pic of Hudson Hamilton that I took recently.  She is a happy, well-adjusted puppy who has brought so much joy to our smart...starting puppy school next week...Friday is her 3rd shots at the vet....the vet commented on how she is a true Golden colour, looks like she will be very tall, nice open ear canals, no low hanging belly, she's gorgeous!
Hope all is well at the farm and you managed to locate good families for the rest of the pups



'Murphy" Lacey

Hi mom, Hi dad  (Cesca and Bauer).......

I was just out playin' and swimmin' the other day and I was thinking of you both.  What do you think?  I can swim real good now.  I chase the ball in the water, retrieve it and bring it back to Mike or Kathy.  I love to swim and I wanted to show you. 

We still plan on getting up to Bydandacres as soon as school is over for Patti.  Kathy will phone - I am anxious to see everyone. 
Bye for now . . . Luv Murphy

note: see Murphy on Puppy Page


'Kate' Howe update

Hi Bob and Patti,

Here are some pics of our girl.   She is more anxious to go than we are some times!!  We have a great idea for water skis for her for next summer.  And here I thought my greatest thrill was to ski with my boys, now I might
get to ski with my dog too!!!     Have a great fall.

Sue, Pete, Nolan, Wade and Kate (aka Violet)

'MaGuire' Gilmore

Dear Patty and Bob,
 and Mom and Daddy  (Sunny and Kuma)

As you can see MaGuire has grown into his paws and big beautiful nose. He looks just like Sunny with his big goofy smile. He is truly a Golden Pup and is becoming an even more amazing Dog. I will try and snap some more pictures of him  to send.

Lisa , Steve, Brennan and Meggie Gilmore.


'Sammy' Oliver

Hi Patti and Bob,
 I received a call from  an assistant at Winchester animal hospital. She wanted to know where Sammy came from.
She commented that Sammy was such a nice natured dog and was interested in getting a golden, and wanted one like Sammy.
Sammy is a wonderful dog we are glad to have her.



'Murphy' Mellor


Hi Patti

I have attached a couple of pictures with Murphy and his new brother and sister.  Everyone loves him so much and he has been a great addition to our family.  The last two nights he hasn't even cried and we've had no accidents...knock on wood!


'Molly' Draper

Hi Bob,
Molly is very gentle and loves to cuddle, and gets a little upset when she is not with us.  When we hold her she wraps her front paws around our arms to make it harder to put her down.  Molly is very smart as she has figured out how to get out of her crate, and meets us at the bottom of the stairs in the morning.
Molly was an instant fit with our family.
PS Matthew says that she is also very strong because she can get half way up the slide in the backyard.



'Maggie' Parnell


Hi:  My name is Maggie Parnell.  I am a very smart dog.  I hide or bury all  MY new toys  but chew the kid's old toys.  I also love socks and making teenage boys run and  giggle like girls.  After my afternoon nap I wait for them and I  love when they get home from school.  I really amuse them by playing with them and chasing them up and down the hall or all around the back yard.  They love me.  Happy holidays from Maggie.  Love to Mom - Misty and Dad - Bauer.   Am I allowed to visit?

(we love visits)



   'Red Star' Everett

Red Star is a very special friend to Tammy.  She loves her home at the lake and loves to go swimming.  She gets along very well with the older dog in the family and thrives on  all of the attention she receives. Red Star is very smart and deserves all the praise she gets!! 

We have had this picture framed.


Tammy, Lee and Larry


'Willow' Blackburn


I thought you would enjoy the picture of Willow visiting me at the office.  




'Sara' Rambukkana

Hello Bob and Patti

Sara is a little over 4 years old.  She is in good health and a loving companion.  We love her very much.  Thank you for her.  Here are some pictures taken recently.



'Wyatt' Patterson

Hi there

Wyatt is a great dog - best temperament - loves the neighbourhood children. We have discovered he likes people better than dogs - we take him to a local dog park every now and again and he spends more time with the other owners than the dogs. He says hi to the other dogs but I think he realizes it's the people with the treats - smart dog. He learns things so quickly too. He knows both our cats by name now and they are starting to actually play together - it's quite humourous.



  "Kelly" Becker


Here are some recent photos of Kelly, thought you might like to see how much she is being loved.  The kids adore her which is so nice.  It's easy to see how much Ali loves Kelly and Kelly loves Ali!

Happy new year




"Aoife" Byrne



Hello Patti, Bob and family,
 I am just learning about our new digital camera and wanted to send this
photo to you.  This is our Aoife and as you can see, she is a beauty!! We had a wonderful Christmas with her. Even our families included her in the festivities!! I promise to send more photos soon. Just know that she is well loved!!

Happy Holidays, The Byrne Gang


"Riley Thor" Hickman

Hi there,
Here are some updated pictures of Riley.  He is 17 weeks old today...the pictures have the date on them when they were taken.  He is getting to be a big boy.  We had him at the vets on May 11 and he now weighs 33.6 lbs.  He started puppy training yesterday and was the best student in the class!!!!!
We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy having him as part of our family!!
Cheers!!!  Lisa and Rick






"Gemma" Anderson

Hi Patti & Bob:
I had intended to have a first birthday picture, Nov 11, for you but this is close. The picture of Gemma was taken when we were at Niagara on the Lake the last week in September.
Gemma is a lovely, lively dog, a good traveller and we enjoy her every day.
Our best wishes to you and the families for the coming Holiday Season.
Sincerely, Jim & Carole



"Katie Violet" How

Hi Patty,  Just a few photos of my daughter and the family.

"Copper" Arsenault

Here are a few pictures that I took today of our boy Copper.  One of them depicts him with his graduation certificate from Puppy School (he was top of his class).  The other two are of Copper enjoying the snow in our back yard.  The only reason I was able to get him actually sitting still is that he was tired from the daily walks he & Bert take at Hersey Lake, where there are a lot of dogs!!!  Copper has made so many friends there that it has easily become his favorite place to be.  You would laugh to see him when he gets home-- all wet from doggie slobber and exhausted from the 6 km they walk.  Both Bert & Copper are in great shape! 
Patti, Bert & I can`t tell you how much we love our boy.  He is friendly with everyone and now that he has gotten over his fear of the other dogs he is truly the perfect pup.  We only have one concern-- are you sure Sunny was his father, we think he has some of your travelling salesman in him.  He is always willing to leave with anyone who is the least bit nice to him! 
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