The Boys - Tait and River and Ayr

and retirees

Bauer, Sunny and Bay,

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Patti tells me that I have to LIKE her little friends!!







Syercroft River Walker

 Syercroft's Tait
Born: 16 Oct 2005 Born: 16 Oct 2005
Sire: Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Sire: Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator
Dam: Syercroft Lil Dimon N'The Ruff Dam: Syercroft Lil Dimon N'The Ruff
Owner at Birth: Patricia L Syer Owner at Birth: Patricia L Syer

River playing above the Falls


Tait surveys his kingdom


Tait and Ayr are littermates who came to us from Syercroft Kennels in Bancroft.  Their development has been spectacular and Tait has all clearances. They are out of excellent bloodlines and Tait, as the main stud, has sired many spectacular litters.  As the boys grew older, to avoid conflict, River moved to a foster family in the Havelock area.

Ayrgordon of Princepets
Born: 22 November 2012
Sire: Maplelane's Setengya
Dam : Breezyknoll's Mountain of Love
Owner at Birth: Ruth Prince
Ayr is a handsome boy!


Ayr is our new stud. Named after Ayr Scotland where some of Bob's ancestors originated, the Ayr Apparent becomes more of a character every day. He talks constantly and we are excited about his offspring to date


Tait loves the snow

Majestic Tait - A winter walk

Ayr - Not only handsome but athletic and a born clown!!

Ayr resting in the snow with Zee


   Patti loves spending time at our property near Bancroft and Tait is her constant companions.  Others get to visit the cabin in their turn, but Tait is the regular.  Patti has only to pick up her fishing rod and Tait begins to dance!!


Boys Retired

                    MEET BAUER (deceased)                                      
 MEET SUNNY (deceased)
Goldonoro Bob's Boy Bauer                                           
Goldonoro's Boy Sunny
Born: 12 Sep 1998                                                            
Born: 21 Mar 1999
Sire: Goldonoros Garden Hill Patrick                          
Sire: Goldonoro Gypsy's Last Hurrah
Dam: Samberdee Seeley of Goldonoro                      
Dam: Goldonoro's Sunshine Girl Abra
Owner at Birth: Sylvia Anderson                                      
Owner at Birth: Sylvia Anderson 

Bauer in the Grass

Sunny Checks Out the Falls

Both Bauer and Sunny came from Goldonoro Golden Retrievers at Forest View Kennels.  Rob and Sylvia Anderson have been breeding Goldens for many years and we are proud of our association with their kennel.  They have great facilities and we refer many clients to Forest View for grooming and boarding services.  Rob and Sylvia can be reached at 9460 County Rd. 10,  Garden Hill, ON L0A 1B0      (905) 797-3170

Bauer High Above the Water

Sunny Relaxing on the Deck

Bauer was Patti's favourite from the day he came to the farm.  He loved to sit in her lap as a puppy - it's rather comical to see him try to do it now as an 80 lb adult!!! Sunny, on the other hand, followed Bob wherever he went.  Sunny usually had his tongue hanging out and a big smile on his face.  His name matches his disposition!!!

Exploring the Trail

Resting on the Trail

MEET BAY (deseased)

                                      Camgold Honey Bear                                                     
                                        Born: 10 Oct  2002                                                            
                                       Sire: Jacob Sheaman Callan                                         
                                        Dam: Camgold Sally C                                                    
                                       Owner at Birth: Charles J Cameron                            

Bay Watch......

This Boy is Hard to Resist!!

               Bay came to the farm,  just short of his third birthday, in the fall of 2005.  Within days he won our hearts!  What a character - gentle, affectionate, and unbelievably clever!  We have a saying,  "Bay goes where he wants, when he wants and has  the ingenuity to figure out how to get what he wants"                 

Bay Ready for Action at the Farm

Bay Steps Carefully Above the Falls




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