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The last Leaves



Goldens seem to sense a camera -see them line up for attention!


Cristmas Puppy



 Auntie Rain checks out the new body art (Tatoos)


Kathy Lacy, shown here with 'Murphy', is a great example of what we like to see at Bydandacres.  Kathy and her husband Mike considered a Bydandacres puppy for at least two years.  When the time was right, they chose 'Murphy' and Kathy visited at every opportunity.  She got to know all of the puppies in the litter and was an important factor in socializing the entire litter.  Kathy and Murphy stay in touch and are now a part of the big Bydandacres family.



Proud Mom!!!!! ............................Older Puppies on an adventure with the big dogs!!

At 6 to 7 weeks of age, we have been tattooed and are ready for a big adventure - the first car ride.  Bob and Patti load us into the back of the car and we head in to Peterborough.  Dr. Toors and his staff at the local veterinary clinic make us feel very welcome.  They make a big fuss over us and all of this attention almost makes up for the fact that 'Doc' gives us a needle.  We get a complete physical with first shots and deworming -yuk!  Doc uses a vaccine with distemper, adeno-flu, parvo and corona.  Of course, he cannot give us rabies vaccine because we must be at least three months of age to receive it.

Hard to keep my brother under control

But I manage!!!!
 At Bydandacres, all puppies are sold on a non-breeding contract.  This means that puppies cannot be used for breeding unless this contract has been removed through the Canadian Kennel Club.   The majority of our clients are families looking for a family friend rather than for breeding stock.

Golden puppies are all about people. They crave human contact and approval. We recommend crate training and Patti spends a lot of time with new 'puppy parents' going over the do's and the don'ts.  Caring for the new puppy should be an experience shared by the whole family, and, as former teachers, Patti and Bob are determined that new 'parents' learn their lessons well!!  Introducing a new puppy to the family can be as difficult as bringing home a new child!

At Bydandacres, we are always available for 'puppy' consultations - in fact, we encourage and enjoy puppy questions.



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