A Short History

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Attack Those Weeds!!!!



Bauer (retired) - was Patti's Constant Companion: Tait (current) - is Patti's Constant Companion: Ayr - (in waiting) is the Heir Apparent

Back in 1985, a friend of Bob's moved back to Peterborough from British Columbia.  He brought with him his Golden Retriever 'Meeka's Northern Tara'.  As he was getting re-established in the city, he found himself living in a small apartment with an even smaller yard. Tara was very important to him, and, in her best interest, he asked if Bob and Patti would take her to 'the farm' along with their other various kids and animals.

That was the beginning . . . . . . the rest is history.

In 1988, Tara produced a litter which included Gus (see tribute page).  We now have a kennel based on female descendants of Gus.  Our males are selected from outside bloodlines.


Early sping walk - what a view ! Liberty, Zeba and Tait have lots to explore.

         Sometimes Bob and Patti let us come for a car ride!!   

At Bydandacres, we neither show nor field trial our dogs.  Our breeding is based on health and temperament.  We feel that we have a line of Goldens which will produce superior family friends.  That is our mission and we are proud of both the quality of Bydandacres Goldens and of the total ownership experience which we are able to provide for 'Golden Parents'.  Temperament and health are our watchwords.  We know and have confidence in our female line and we are very selective in the males we bring into our breeding program.

I had this collar first!!!!

Sure is great to have someone our size to play with!!!


Breeding puppies does not take a lot of time - creating a 'Golden Experience' does.  We feel that the total experience of Golden ownership requires time and consultation; before, during, and after a puppy moves to a new home.  That's Bydandacres!!

      A February romp on the pond. Storm, Rain and Zeba



 Proud Grandma   

 More Family


Puppies and families!!!! These photos represent the heart of the Bydandacres experience.  We have wonderful Golden puppies (proud parents are allowed to brag) and we combine that with our ability to turn a simple economic transaction into a special 'GOLDEN EXPERIENCE' for your entire family.

Remember - Bydandacres puppy ownership should be a partnership between puppy owners and Bydandacres; before, during and after the sale.

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