A Tribute to GUS

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Stormy Skies



 Bydandacres Northern Gus 1988-2001

When our son Scott was an eight year old, Tara had a litter of nine puppies - eight females and a single male.  That male was our Gus!  Gus was a very special friend of Scott's but, unfortunately, we did not take many 'dog' pictures in those days.  This photo is one of the few we have of Gus as he posed here with Scott on his last Christmas.

Gus' mother Tara was  an American style Golden and she was bred to Casey who was a very British Golden.  Gus was an amalgam - a very square head with a beautiful golden red coat.

Gus was our ambassador throughout Otonabee Township.  Wherever he went, people loved him.  When he decided that he had travelled far enough, he would find a family, wag his tail, and say "I'm a Golden, wouldn't you like to take me in?" Gus always found his way home.  He was a bit of a wanderer - a characteristic which has, fortunately, not been passed to his offspring!

Gus was very special.  Today, Bydandacres' breeding females are all descended from Gus through his daughter Amber's Meeka.  At the present time we have:

                                                   great great granddaughters Rain, Tia

                                                    great great great granddaughter Zee, Ali, Clipper, Cloud

 We purchase our breeding males from outside bloodlines.

Gus is gone, but he will always have a very special place in our hearts.  Perhaps more than any other Golden, he made us true believers in the importance of Goldens as family friends!



Gus, we at Bydandacres salute you.  We miss  you and respect your memory.

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