Puppy Guarantee

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Ayr Giving a Shower!!


Bydandacres guarantee all puppies for hips, eyes and general health.  This is a written guarantee and covers a period of two years from the puppies birth date.  This effectively covers the puppy for any genetically based problem.  We feel confident in making this guarantee because of our knowledge of our 'Golden' bloodlines.

It is the changing of the guard.  In this photo,Bauer  is getting ready to retire (and move to the States with son Scott) and a new replacement stud dog (Tait) has arrived from Syercroft Kennels.  Bauer  is explaining the ropes to Tait!!  Tait learned well!!!!

Tait Grown Up


Our breeding adults have all been cleared for hips and eyes.  New dogs entering the breeding program are having elbows and heart added to their clearances.   Because Bydandacres female all are descendant from our original Golden, Tara, we believe that our 20 year knowledge of this line enables us to make this guarantee!

Tait taking one of his children for a walk


Bydandacres puppies have been placed with many families.  Problems have been reported in less than 3% of placements.

We believe that no breeder can give an ironclad guarantee that there will never be a problem with a puppy.  Responsible breeding and a workable guarantee are what we can offer.

In the event of a problem, if the puppy is RETURNED TO BYDANDACRES, a solution will be negatiated between Bydandacres and the purchaser.

This statement replaces our old offer of a puppy from our next litter as, given the Kennel downsizing, we may not have a next litter.

Bydandacres provide no further guarantee, stated or implied.


It's a big ball!!

Hard to chase those big dogs - need a rest!

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