A Cesca Sunny Story - Nov/Dec 2003

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Sunset at the Farm




The Story of a Cesca/Sunny Litter


Litter born November 11, 2003

4 females, 5 males in this litter shown here only hours after their birth 

day 2

Not very mobile

day 3


day 4

We're still pretty tiny!

                                  day 6

 Still huddled together

day 7

Cousin Kanu visits

day 8

Mom feels secure leaving us for short times now

day 10

I'm starting to be a real dog now - playing with my friend

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day 13

Bob and Patti left us for the weekend - we grew like crazy for the babysitter

day 14

getting crowded at this restaurant!


About half of us have our eyes open 

day 16

I put people to sleep!

day 17

Bigger but still want to be together

day 18

We can escape!!

day 19


day 20

Food and garlic - yum

day 21

I'm becoming quite irresistible!

day 22

When we empty our food dish, it makes a great bed.

day 23

Mom stands up to feed us now

day 24

Feels a bit like Christmas 

day 27

Hard at play

day 28

Lined up and all looking 

day 29

Tuckered out!!

day 30

Sure like these pretty red flowers!

day 31

Last day in the house - but Patti and Bob think it is time!

day 32

Not very comfortable being moved to the barn in this big bucket 

day 32

Huge number of family members are following us - wonder what they want?

day 32

New digs - lots to explore!

day 32

This is a strange new friend - she seems to really like us!

day 32

Mom!! You're back, we really missed you!

day 38

We're off on the big adventure to see the vet  

day 38

Lots of poking and prodding

day 38

Hope mom got my ears well cleaned out!

day 38

What's he listening to??

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