Where are They Now?

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Tara: Tara came to the farm in 1986 and was our very first Golden.  She was responsible for our falling in love with the breed.  Tara passed away at the age of 13 years and is buried here on the farm.  Not a great picture, but the best we have.


Gus Gus was Tara's son and lived on the farm from 1988 till 2001.  Gus is buried here on the farm. (see tribute page)

Wizzer Wizzer came to us as a seven year old and sired Brodie, Gund, Misty and Cesca.  He passed away in 2002 and is buried here on the farm.  He is shown here outside John's cabin with Bauer.

Forrest:  Forrest was born here at Bydandacres and lived with us from 1995 until her retirement in 2002.   Forrest spent her retirement years with Bob's brother in Bancroft.  She passed away March 2007.

GundGund was born on the farm in 1998, daughter of Meeka and Wizzer.  Upon her retirement in 2003, she moved to Peterborough to a loving and caring home. In June 2010 Gund returned to the farm on the passing of her new owner. She passed away in her 14th year and is buried here on the farm.



BrodieBrodie, Gund and Misty were littermates born in 1998.  Brodie was a wonderful mom and her daughters Peanut and Liberty still live on the farm.  In the winter of 2005, Brodie passed away as the result of an attack by a what we believe was a fisher.

BauerPatti's Bauer has 'lucked out".  Upon his retirement in the spring of 2006, Bauer moved to the States to live with friends of our son Scott.  Between New York and Pennsylvania he has a great life. Bauer passed away June 22 2009.

SunnySunny retired from Bydandacres in the spring of 2006.  He has moved to a family in Havelock.  While Sunny was still anxious to be a sire, we had kept several of his daughters and we could not afford any breeding accidents. Sunny passed away in 2010.

Dali We lost Dali to a farm accident in August 2006.  The 'princess in waiting' never had an opportunity to assume her title.  She had only one litter of four puppies - they were truly gorgeous.  Dali is buried under the "Dali Tree" beside our lane.

Meeka:  We lost Meeks on Feb 10, 2007.  At the time, Meeka was just short of her thirteenth birthday and was the grandmother or great grandmother  of all of our girls.  She was a daughter of our Gus and held a special place in our hearts.

MistyMisty retired and moved to live with a family in Southwestern Ontario.  The famous Misty smile was carried on in her daughter  Bri.

Cesca:  In her retirement, Cesca was very busy looking after granddaughter Emma Jean and grandsons Kaleb and Sam.  She lived in Morrisburg with Steve and Trisha, but also spends much of her time on the farm. She passes away in 2012 and is buried here on the farm.

Vapour:  In August 2007, we lost Vapour.  She was always anxious to travel in the 'swamp' area.  One day she returned badly injured and did not recover from the injuries.

Kuma: is a daughter of Cesca.  As a puppy she lived with Trisha and a group of Chiropractic students in Toronto.  She has found a wonderful home in her retirement where she enjoys life at the lake (and curled up by the fire).


Lavender: is an affectionate and very determined girl. What a character!!!!  Unfortunately she just missed one of her clearances and has retired to a great home in Peterborough.


Bri: Miss Bri!!!  From the day that she went to school with Bob, she won peoples' hearts.  She was a little spoiled ...but she still was a charmer.  She has her mother's smile and used it to great effect! We lost Bri in June 2009. She is buried here on the farm.
Poppy: Poppy was a Bay/Peanut daughter.  She exhibited the best of both parents. We lost Poppy in the winter 2009. She is buried here on the farm.
Nell is quiet and laid back and she gave us a number of beautiful puppies. In her retirement,Nell lives with a family in Peterborough. She passed away at age 11.
Pippy (aka Sandy) is a Bay/Peanut daughter.  She has exhibited the best of both parents and had several handsome litters before retirement.  Pippy lives with a family near Lindsay
Aura :Aura was a littermate to Storm and Rain. Unfortunately she failed to pass all clearences and moved to live with a family in Millbrook.
Peanut Peanut was probably the gentlest and most laid back dog on the farm.  She loved to go on 'rambles', either alone or as a member of the 'Bydandacres golden family'.  Here she shows her agility on the bales. She passed away in 2013 at age 11 and is buried on the farm
Liberty Liberty had a personality that would make any Golden parent want to brag!  She had a very flat coat that she kept immaculately groomed.  She was a little shy but quickly warmed up to all visitors. All of our current moms are daughters or granddaughters of Liberty. She is buried on the farm.

Bay-Li Bay-Li was the first Bay puppy to join our breeding program.  She completed her clearances and has had her first litter Aug. 2008.  Bay-Li combines her father's athleticism with her mothers gentle and unassuming nature.. Bay-Li loves being with puppies - hers or anyone elses. We lost Bai-Li in September 2016. She is buried here on the farm.

Zeba Zeba is a very special girl who was born the only puppy in a litter from Liberty and Bay. She was to be named after Zeva on the NCIS TV show but Bob got it wrong and ...Zeba she remains. Zeba has assumed the role of 'Tait's best friend'. Zeba passed away in November 2016 and is buried here on the farm.
Storm Stormy was the product of a special breeding to allow us to have offspring to compliment Tait's special traits. She and her sister Rain have shown the "field" instincts that we hope to see expanded down the line. In June 2016, Stormy retired to live with a wonderful family in Peterborough
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