The Gordon Family




Bob and Patti married May 21, 1977.  Since that time, they have raised a family of four, have retired from successful careers as secondary school teachers and now operate Bydandacres Golden Retriever Kennel.  Bob spends his spare time working around the farm.  Patti takes on primary responsibility for the 'dogs' .

Daughter Trisha and  husband Steve are pictured with children Emma, Kai and Sam. Trisha and Steve are living in Morrisburg and are enjoying busy lives with three very active children. They are enjoying their cabin in Lake Placid. 

Son Rob is pictured here with wife Eileen and two of our grandchildren, Reid and Luke. Rob has graduated as an MD(2010) and is is now working as a Diagnostic Radiologist in a Hartford Ct. Rob and Ei are anxious to add a Golden to this great family.

Scott lives in Larchmont with his wife Atina . As you can see, they are veryproud of son Jack!!!! Both he and Atina have very successful business careers in New York. Scott and Atina really enjoy their time "at the farm". Scott was a special friend to our Gus - see Scott and Gus on the 'Tribute to Gus' page.

Son John played professional hockey in Europe several years. He has now settled in to a new chapter in his life as he and his wife Kristen are currently teaching in a private school in New Hampshire. John and Kristen are shown here with their daughter Aurora.

A FLASH FROM THE PAST----standing: John, Scott, Rob----seated: Trisha, Patti, Bob - 1999

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