A Winter Day - A Picture Story

(click on underlined to check pedigree)

On a sunny winter's day, Patti and the dogs often go for a walk on the farm


Sunny and Kuma lead the way

Benji the donkey and Mr Bull gave the passers by a close inspection

We head out the old lane - four fields this way that we need to explore

Into a high field with a great view

Everyone gathers for an inspection of ??

Single file now!!

What's that big black thing??

Maybe Bob should get his bales out of the field

Piper and Peanut are the first to play 'King of the Castle'

Peanut defends her position

None of you can put me down!

I'm still the best!

Give up??

Where's everyone gone?

They're off - down the hill

Check out those trees

Sunny is the first to return

Now, we're off again

Misty has decided to hang back with Patti

Into the woods

And taking the road back home!

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